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Death Takes a Lover - Olivier Bosman

The year is 1888. Detective Sergeant John Billings has been sent to a remote house in the Yorkshire Moors to investigate the suspicious death of Roger Thornton, a young man who seemed to have everything to live for. He gets a frosty reception from the lady of the house and her rag-tag collection of domestic staff who try to put him off the scent, but as Billings delves deeper into their lives, he uncovers hidden passions, bitter rivalries and a truth so dark and sinister, it will shock you to the core.

Fusing Gothic romanticism and fin-de-siecle melodrama, Death Takes A Lover is a chilling entry into a world which some may not want to enter, but if you do, don't say you haven't been warned...

Death Takes A Lover will be available on Amazon from 31st October.

 Patchwork Man - D.B. Martin

Lawrence Juste QC is a Patchwork Man - tricked into taking a case defending a juvenile against a charge of manslaughter by his clever, but dead, wife. Normally he wouldn’t have even opened the folder without her around to persuade him, but she’s left something else to do that for her; a list of all the unsavoury people and events from his past. The ones he’s carefully hidden until now and didn’t even know she was aware of.
Disconcertingly, the boy reminds him of himself – not only as a person but in the crime he’s supposed to have committed. Taking the case catapults Juste into a world that touches his own past with alarming regularity until it throws up the brother he betrayed as a teenager, the bully he’s done his best to avoid ever since and a disturbingly attractive female liaison. It also leads him on a journey in which he rediscovers the family he rejected, has to answer for the murder he should have ensured was fairly tried, but didn’t, and himself – or the principles the man who styled himself Lawrence Juste once wanted to adhere to.
By the time the case makes court, the links to his forgotten family have become disturbingly closer and so has the childhood bully. And the one person who seems to be the linchpin for all of it is Juste’s dead wife whose influence still seems very much alive and active...
Patchwork Man is out on Kindle and paperback 18 August 2014


Goa Traffic - Marissa de Luna

Lisa Higgins is an average twentysomething looking for love in all the wrong places. A particularly bad dating experience leaves her questioning her life on a deeper level. To Lisa, a two-week holiday in India seems like just the ticket to coax her out of her comfort zone and help her find her true self.

After touching down in the party capital of Goa, Lisa is swept away by the strange marriage of the East and West—a mix that appears to work perfectly in the food, the culture, and most importantly, the people. She is quickly accepted into a close-knit friendship circle and introduced to a man who has all the right qualities. He promises her the world, but it is not long before she is drawn into something dark and sinister that strips from her the beauty of a fun adventure.

When the police come knocking on her door, she pleads ignorance, but just how much does she already know?

 The Bittersweet Vine - Marissa de Luna

Maria Shroder wakes up on the morning of the 28th of September as though it were any other. She is alone in her apartment, her music is playing softly in the background… but her wrists and neck, though void of any marks, are sore. Having no recollection of the days that have passed since her abduction, Maria discovers she is suffering from hysterical amnesia. What is it that her mind is protecting her from?

Maria sets out on a journey to uncover the truth, a truth that strangely seems to involve the book club she has just joined. In her desperate attempt for some answers, Maria is forced to first unearth the secrets of her past. Only then will she be able to unlock the memory of those forgotten days.

 Wanted - Tim Arnot

23rd Century England. No oil. No electricity. The few remaining people get by as best they can, improvising and living off the land, or scavenging through long-derelict cities for scraps and trinkets.

When sixteen-year-old Flick Carter saves the life of an injured Scav, she discovers he has secrets. Secrets the authorities want badly. But someone else wants them too, someone who will stop at nothing, not even murder.
For Flick, the small town of Faringdon is suddenly no longer safe. Accused of murder, and with no one left she can trust, she must run. Or die.

A Boy, a Journey, a DreamThe story of the London Community Gospel Choir - Bazil Meade with Jan Greenough
Published by Monarch Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson

With a foreword by Sir George Martin, this book describes Bazil's journey  from the cotton fields of Montserrat to the FA Cup Final at Wembley. He came to England at nine, but family circumstances caused him to leave home in his teens. Bazil had already taught himself to play his brother's guitar, but when his pastor  laid hands on him and prayed, his musical gift developed into playing the piano. He had found his life's passion. 
Since then, Bazil (who to this day does not read music) has worked with many popular artists, from Damon Albarn to Luther Vandross and Diana Ross. Bazil formed the London Community Gospel Choir in 1983. It was an immediate success, performing in prestigious settings and recording 'The Long and Winding Road' with Paul McCartney. The Choir has recorded many albums and tours widely, appearing regularly at Glastonbury and other festivals. The talent, exuberance, intensity and overt spirituality of the Choir have made it unique.

 Staying Alive - John Delaney with Jan Greenough
Published by Monarch Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson 

'As I peered under the branch, I saw an enemy soldier lying on his back, with his weapon pointed at me and ready to fire. I took a step back and raised my rifle, but the range was too short and there was no room to aim. I fired...' 
At 19, John Delaney was a tough, highly trained ParaBat - a member of the elite South African Parachute Battalion - who had fought bush wars in Namibia and Angola.  Back in civilian life he was lost, finding that girls, drinking, drugs and brawling failed to mask his emptiness. 'I didn't know how to live...but I didn't want to die.' 
When he became a Christian his life was transformed. 'I thought religion was shut up in churches. Now I was experiencing the power of God.' Today John works with AIDS victims, street children and the poor.

Out of the Ashes - Peter Gladwin with Jan Greenough
Published by Monarch Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson 

Peter Gladwin was barely one when a domestic fire left him partly disabled and horribly scarred. The third of nine children, he was raised on the rough council estates in Halifax, always in trouble with the police, in and out of care homes, and spending his time on the streets.
For years Peter took refuge in gambling, drinking and drugs, eventually considering suicide as the only way out. His encounter with Christ changed his life. Today, after years working in drug rehabilitation and as a probation service officer, Peter Gladwin speaks about his experiences to give hope  to others.

Faith Like Potatoes - Angus Buchan with Jan Greenough
Published by Monarch Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson 

Angus Buchan is a straight-talking South African farmer of Scottish extraction. His abrupt conversion startled friends of this explosive, hard-drinking man, but Angus's bold faith carried him through droughts, family tragedies and financial crisis. God led him into an extensive preaching and healing ministry, and he set up an Aids orphanage and built a 500-seat auditorium on his land. Still a farmer, he is now also an international evangelist, travelling widely and filling the largest venues in South Africa.