Abingdon Writers is a friendly, supportive writers’ group based in Oxfordshire. Founded in 2009, the group grew from three to eighteen members in a year, and now has a short waiting list. Numbers are limited so that everyone has a chance to participate actively in meetings.

We meet twice a month to read and critique each others’ work. Current genres include children’s and young adult fiction, historical, contemporary and literary fiction, short stories and poetry, so our meetings are always varied and entertaining.

Our members are all at different stages in their writing careers, but share a common desire to be published. Several members have already achieved this, with traditionally published books in fiction and non fiction, ghost-writing, journalism, online travel writing and self-published fiction. We are not a creative writing group, and apart from occasional workshops we don’t write during meetings.

One recent spin-off is the Abingdon Fiction for Adults Group (or Ab-FAG), which meets intermittently at a local pub. Between meetings members undertake to read entire manuscripts (rather than the 1500–2000 words which we read aloud at our regular sessions) and give both written notes and verbal critique to the author. This enables us to tackle bigger issues such as characterisation, pace and narrative development.

For practical reasons, we do not admit members under the age of 18.

If you would like to know more about Abingdon Writers, please get in touch with us by email at abingdonwriters@yahoo.co.uk